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There are tons of great Scripts & Styles to play with! Some are a bit hard to look for at times, so I wanted to put together some of my current Favs, all in one spot. If you don't see something here that tickles your fancy, check out these two links below.

Styles For deviantART

Scripts For deviantART


These are codes written for extending/enhancing your deviantART experience. If written for deviantART, upload it to deviantART Related > Browser Scripts & Extensions.

This Script is currently in storage by the Artist, but she still has it up for install. I love it because it widens your custom box a bit, allowing for more room going across, which ultimately helps save space lengthwise on your page. A bit more pleasing for those with slow connections, or who can't stand really long pages. ;)


dAmnColors - 0.7.1 by Nol888Skip Warnings by kemayodATitleCleaner v0.7 by rotane

dAmnStyler 2 by sumopiggy

User Styles

These are codes written to enhance the appearance of deviantART. If you write skins, & write codes for changing colors etc, & it's for deviantART only, upload it to deviantART Related > User Styles. This Gallery has undergone a few name changes, so pay close attention when submitting, & read the Gallery Info to make sure it's going under the right category.

dAblack Style --MOVED - SEE DESCRIPTION-- by hkk:thumb121746698:
dA Custom Polls by Jamaal10dAmn Red and Black by punkisstillcool
dAmn - Purple and Black by punkisstillcool

deviantART Skins

This Gallery is still in it's infancy, but already fills out some pretty big shoes, in my opinion. These are Complete Journal CSS, & instead of having to download them, they install straight to your deviantART Journal database. When it's time to suit your current mood, simply choose, while updating, whichever CSS you have installed. Upload to deviantART Related > deviantART Skins > Journal. I'm sorry. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but you must be a Subscriber/Premium Member to use Journal skins of any kind.

Murder by Lace CSS by Pyritie
.:Grey Flowers II by ginkgografixdeviantART v1 Journal CSS by timmy64
CSS - Fresh Olive by darkaion

Complete Journal CSS

These are Journals people have created for public free use on deviantART. They include the CSS, along with the graphics. Don't overlook this Gallery. You'll find some real gems in here. Upload these to deviantART Related > Journal CSS > Complete Journal CSS.

Black + Blue CSS Layout by ClaireJones:thumb121525049:HoneyBear CSS -free- by Nekoori
:thumb121080170:Dark Fantasy FREE CSS by DigitalPhenom

These are Journals that DO NOT have the CSS. They are not meant to be downloaded & used by anyone except for one person. They are made for either the Artist themselves, or for other individual Artists. Upload these to deviantART Related > Journal CSS > Journal Designs.

naturephotographer CSS Contest by Jamaal10Journal V2 - WIP by der-lukas
Sjamana's Staff - CSS by LuxDani:thumb119871564::thumb119245650:

We all try to find interesting and useful links & information for the Community, but can't possibly verify all of the information, and we encourage Deviants to exercise caution at all times to protect themselves. Please use your best judgment when browsing outside of deviantART.
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RavensQuill Featured By Owner May 24, 2009  Student Writer
:clap: I already use a few of those, but it is nice to see what else is out there!
ginkgografix Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
Thank you! :heart:

And great article as always!
DCZed Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
Yummy stuff :thumbsup:
sheaint Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
Lovely collection here and very informative! Thank you for featuring my script ♥
MythArcana Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
A great collection for sure and offers some really nice options all around! I just found the joys of DABlack for Stylish and I'm over here doing the Snoopy Dance cause now I can actually see what's going on here! :D I will check these out because now I'm having fun with with GreaseMonkey and realizing life is much better with scripts! Thanks for the wonderful feature which will come in most handy and also for the support of our local brainstormers!
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